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Forage Guardian Ultimate

ITC Services offers premium quality silage services from covering to same-time preservation.
Developed and applied by in-house experts.

Safely Preserve, Cool & Limit Spoilage

Forage Guardian Ultimate is a concentrated blend of chemicals designed to remove oxygen, control moisture, preserve valuable feed, increase PH faster, and lower temperatures within a forage bunker.

Why is Forage Guardian Ultimate different? A proprietary blend of organic acids and oxygen eliminating compounds that can be broken down into separate components to accommodate  each bunker environment. This unique blend of chemicals helps reduce spoilage and dry matter loss.

Why is Forage Guardian Ultimate Effective? This innovative chemical is tested to be effective in preventing oxygenation, reducing temperature, and preventing mold, yeast and fungi in your silage.

Watch the Temperature of Treated Silage Decrease Over a 90-day Period

Watch the Temperature of Treated Silage Decrease Over a 90-day Period

Silage Treated with Forage Guardian Ultimate

Silage Treated with Forage Guardian Ultimate

Studies have found that every $1 spent in protecting the top 3 feet of a bunker/pile will return $8 in added feed value.
Mike Rankin, Hay & Forage Grower
  • Each visible inch of black mold originally began as 2-3 inches of fresh forage.
  • Three feet below the visible spoilage layer, has already suffered a 20-30% dry matter loss.
  • This spoilage layer could be affecting up to 20% of the bunker/pile total volume.
Untreated Silage-visible presence of mold.

Untreated Silage-visible presence of mold.

Forage Guardian vs. Other Solutions


Forage Guardian Ultimate

Other Products


A Blend of Organic Acids and Oxygen Eliminating Compounds.

Custom formulated for maximum efficiency for every forage condition.

Propionic and Acetic Acid only.

Treats silo only as a preservative.

No oxygen-eliminating properties.


Proven to be effective in removing oxygen, controlling moisture, acting as a preservative, and lowering bunker temperatures. Proven to be effective in lowering pH and acting as a preservative.


Ready to use. Concentrations will be determined by testing conditions. 
Typical application rate is 1 lb per 45 sq feet of silage.
Ready to use. 
Application rate of 2 lbs per 10 sq feet of silage.


pH varies on conditions. Typical pH is between 5.0 - 5.8. Slightly acidic. pH of 5.2 - 5.4.


No PPE required when handling product. No PPE required when handling product.

Product Life

Keeps for up to two years if stored in a cool area and in a sealed container Keeps for one year.


No discoloration. No discoloration.

Typical Usages

Silage bunker top & open face. Can also be applied during chopping. Silage bunker top.

Industries & Applications

Various silages, Alfalfa Hay & Grains Silage

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Rely on ITC Services to Maximize Your Silage Preservation?

When you choose Forage Guardian preservation, you’re getting more than just a chemical. You will have the Quality Service Experience provided by ITC Services.

  • Independent Third Party Pre & Post Ensiling Feed Analysis
  • Rapid application
  • Simultaneous Pile Enclosure
  • Experienced Application Technicians
  • Local, Customized Service

Forage Guardian Ultimate is safe for use around humans, livestock, plants, food and water.

Do you need to know more? Call Sheon Gardiner, our Forage Guardian Specialist, today: (208) 280-1695

Answers to Some of Our Commonly Asked Questions

Many factors are used to determine the amount of Forage Guardian that will be applied to a bunker. A trained professional will thoroughly test the bunker and determine an application rate. From there, a price can be provided based on how many gallons will be needed to give the best results.

Forage Guardian is a preservative chemical intended to maintain the quality of feed and “jump-start” the ensiling process. Testing has shown that Forage Guardian will maintain feed quality on the surface to that found in the rest of the bunker.

Ready to Preserve with Forage Guardian Ultimate?

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