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ITC Services Hay Tarp Covering Service

Becoming a covering customer is your full-service option.
We’re here for you from installation to pick-up, and everything in between.

Why Become a Full Service Covering Customer?

You’re busy and covering hay is one thing you want to leave to the experts. You need premium quality covering and expert service that you can rely on any time of the year. This is where Hay Covering Services from ITC Services comes into play. 

Our knowledgeable and highly skilled team is ready to cover as much or as little as you need when you need it. You may have heard this termed "Tarp Rental", as this service includes installation, covering, tarp pick-up, and adjustments. You’ll have full-time access to your representative, who will ensure your hay retains the quality and value that you deserve.

Do you need expert advice and/or consultation before you commit to tarping services? Our team has over 40 years of industry experience and know-how they will use to your benefit. Wondering if we cover your area? Just give us a call!

Answers to Some of Our Commonly Asked Hay Covering Questions

However wide you stack your hay; we recommend a peak bale to assist in shedding water. We have tarps sized to cover single to six-wide stacks. If you need more stacking advice, we're always happy to assist with a phone call or site visit.

ITC Services can charge by the linear foot or ton or even offer a tarp purchase option. Many factors will determine the cost. Give us a call, and a manager will be happy to calculate your cost.

Covering your stack allows you to protect your hay from rain while you retain the best nutritional value of your commodity. Covering also allows you to negotiate the best possible price for your product. By keeping your hay dry, you may also receive better return in the export market. 

Ground tarp (or underlayment as we call it) is a good alternative, but it's very important to select a level/clear spot for the ground tarp to be installed. Use caution not to rip the tarp underlayment as you stack it. 

We absolutely do our best to prioritize the protection of your commodity with prevention such as tarp/stack checking and tightening before the weather becomes an issue. However, we know that hay happens on its own terms, and appreciate 24-hour advance notice but can usually get to your stack within hours of receiving the call in the areas where we offer our rental hay covering program. 

We highly recommend that any stack that will be held over winter be peaked. This allows for any moisture to run off rather than accumulate on a flat stack to lessen the potential for damage.

We highly recommend that you leave the ends open on any first cutting alfalfa stack.