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ITC Services Silage Covering Service

Covering your commodities helps retain quality, value, and preserves nutrients.

Let Us Help You Retain the Highest Value

Whether you’re exporting or providing for your own agricultural and animal needs, silage covering is the best option to retain your highest return.

Our knowledgeable and highly-skilled team is ready to cover as much or as little as you need when you need it. Our silage covering customers receive expert service and premium quality materials every time.

Do you need expert advice and/or consultation before you commit to silage services? Our team has over 40 years of industry experience and is ready to find the right solution for you. Are you ready to take your silage protection to the next level? Ask us about our proprietary silage preservation solution: Forage Guardian Ultimate, an unbeatable element in value retention.

We’re a phone call away with your coverage consultation. 

Answers to Some of Our Commonly Asked Silage Covering Questions

When it comes to covering silage, we have many options. For example, we provide single plastic (5mil), double plastic, clear and black/white plastic, and oxygen barrier/black/white. ITC Services will work with you to provide the best possible product at the best possible price.

Yes! By utilizing our covering service you can also add Forage Guardian Ultimate at the same time. We'd be happy to provide cost estimates for both, just let your representative know.

Many factors are used to determine the amount of Forage Guardian that will be applied to a bunker. A trained professional will thoroughly test the bunker and determine an application rate. From there, a price can be provided based on how many gallons will be needed to give the best results.

Forage Guardian is a preservative chemical intended to maintain the quality of feed and “jump-start” the ensiling process. Testing has shown that Forage Guardian will maintain feed quality on the surface to that found in the rest of the bunker.